To foreign readers, and "Junket police"

So, let me get this straight.  You sit in roundtables, never open your mouth, which is why I guess you can criticize other people’s accents because no one has ever heard you speak.  Do you understand the term ‘foreign press’ i.e.  EVERYONE has an accent?  So, then you go home  (on the bus, no less!)  and write disparaging (look It up) comments about people while hiding behind your own funny little obscure language no one can understand?   I’m sure your countrymen must be very proud of you perpetuating the image of the timid little mouse who in reality is a vitriolic snake like some of your other Swedish colleagues in LA pretending to be’legitimate’ journalists.  I hope you have a Plan B concerning your income – publicists will be thrilled to see how you utilize these junkets.  And very brave of you to comment on other people’s appearance when we can see pictures of what you look like.  Obviously, you have a good sense of humor!  You’ll need it!
I’m sure you’ll be very popular when you enter the next hospitality suite – your blog is being circulated as a warning to other journalists who have the misfortune to sit with you on roundtables, so that they will be aware that, in fact, they are the subject of your next story.

Junket Police

Dear “Junket police”,

Thank you for your comment.
I seem to have upset you somehow and for this I wish to apologize.
I love being a junket journalist. I love everything that surrounds it, from hospitality suites to meeting people from different countries (some of which have become my friends!). And yes, naturally I have an accent too, when I speak. I am a foreigner.
I love junkets, I truly do. But I find those roundtable situations bizarre, most of the time. It is not because of the individual people but the situation. Everyone is there with a different agenda or editor, wanting different angles for their story. The questions being thrown at the talent sometimes differ so much from one interviewer to another, that the interview becomes absurdly strange.
This I find funny, yes, and I have reflected on it on many occasions in this blog. This is not, however, the same as using my blog as a personal outlet for mockery. That should be evident, I have had this blog for a long time (three years) and most of my press contacts know of it, as far as I know.
I have also, on various occasions, reflected upon my own part in the roundtable interviews in this blog.
Here for example.
I am unfortunately, as you have noticed, sometimes quite shy at these occasions. It all depends on the mood of the room, I guess, but in general I am not the most prominent speaker in the room. You are right about that and as you can see in previous entries, quite aware of that too. It is a problem of mine nontheless.

I am not sure why the particular entry that you commented on (“Journalistskvaller”) upset you so much. One of the journalists at the table (you, perhaps?) talked about the Oscars and how the voting sometimes works. I thought it was very interesting (and I am jealous of anyone with such insight. As a shy foreigner I will never gain that) and wrote about it.
I also made comments on the accent of one of the other participants and this is, perhaps, unecessary even though the post is in Swedish (an obscure language, indeed). I believe it was more of an observation than a vicious insult but since you seem to have taken offense to it it will be removed.

Again – if I have upset you I hope you can accept my apology. I would love to talk to you next time we meet, if we do. Maybe you misunderstood some adjective I used?

Kind and respectful regards,

Etiketter None

Ett rop på hjälp

dollÅnej! Shoppingdjävulen har mig i sitt fasta grepp! Hur ska jag ta mig loss?

Lite är Linnéas fel, hon har bil. Hon tar mig till coola ställen som Marc Jacobs-affären på Melrose och It’s a Wrap på Robertson, där man säljer kläder som används i filmer och på tv!

(Trivia: köpte ett par skor med skyhöga klackar. Kände inte igen “koden” på skorna, den som avslöjar vilken film eller program de varit med i, så jag frågade, helt apropå när jag betalade för dem. Mannen bakom kassan kollade på koden KNR sa slött “Knight Rider“. Mina skor har varit med i Knight Rider!)

Besökte också sjukt många antikaffärer i Pasadena, en riktig höjdare. Dockhuvuden, fjärilar i formalin, hattaskar, mässingsbulldog, allt finns där.
Och ändå var ingen av oss beredd på vad som väntade när vi steg in i antikaffären Georgina’s. Det var som ett avsnitt av Twilight Zone. Det var helt enkelt för freakigt där inne. geraldine_chaplin

Georgina själv såg ut som Geraldine Chaplin, lång och being med kritvita, långa fingrar. Hennes affär var full av dockor. Och alla vet hur läskiga dockor kan vara. Då ber jag er att föreställa er en affär full av antika dockor. Och då menar jag dockhuvuden, clowndockor, afrodockor, grisdockor, trasdockor och högar med kroppsdelar från dockor.

Föreställ er det. Och försök sova gott sen.
Och ja, vi var de enda i butiken.
Twilight Zone, säger jag. Twilight Zone.

Etiketter None

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